ITTC Professional (Leadership Program)

Great Teachers are made and not born! 

What will Education iwc big pilot replica be like in the next 25 to 30 years?  Can’t imagine right?  But, we are sure, that it will be lot different from now and it must be otherwise, the future of future generation will be in danger!

ITTC TLP program is designed to equip teachers with the knowledge, skills and disposition for roles in teaching, research and leadership that help them to put them on continuous learning.

Classroom Teachers play a significant role in bringing change in Education.  Teachers change lives day after day and the influence of many extends beyond their classrooms, schools, and communities. This program brings together group of like-minded teachers to learn skills essential to becoming an effective Teacher Leader and Inspire People.

  • Improve your own teaching and the teaching of others
  • Use research to improve teaching and learning
  • Foster a collaborative culture to support educator development, improve student learning and strengthen your school
  • Understand  your school as an Institution / Organization
  • Strengthen your professional identity
  • Become part of a robust professional network
  • Acquire specific skills and understandings essential to promoting educator development and improving student learning in your school

There are many ways in which Teachers can contribute to their Schools’ success.. Here are few: Panerai replica watches

As a Resource Provider, Instructional Specialist, Curriculum Specialist, Classroom Supporter, Learning Facilitator, Co-ordinator, VP, Administrator, Principal, Operational Specialist, Coach and a Mentor, School Leader and a Catalyst for Change

Teachers exhibit leadership in many ways. The variety of roles ensures that teachers can find ways to lead that fit their talents and interests. Regardless of the roles they assume, Teacher Educators shape the culture of their schools, improve student learning, and Inspire People and influence practice among their peers.

“Teachers are driven by Intrinsic Motivation”