Colours Curriculum

Dear School,

Colours is a unique Affiliate programme for Schools to promote a new education based on the needs of tomorrow. It has become very clear that we need fundamental changes in the ways in which we educate our children today. Although the better technology, new books, assessments, and better infrastructure are all important, they have been inadequate in bringing changes which education needs today.

Colours is a unique preschool curriculum designed and developed by PFLA considering the holistic development of a child. PFLA believes that Education is for life and not just for scoring marks. Through Colours we teach concepts well to give a strong foundation for a better outcome, encourage activity based teaching thus make learning more enjoyable, meaning and purposeful.

What better way to approach when we integrate the best practices and offer an integrated program to empower the young children to make positive contribution to society and to enjoy a purposeful and fulfilling life. Through this program, we help them to get a wonderful experience and a strong foundation that they need to thrive as they progress to higher grades.

The attached brochure serves as a comprehensive introduction to our program and will familiarize you with our approach in terms of our philosophy, approach and content. We are keen to building a partnership with like-minded schools to offer a purpose and meaningful education to create more Thinking students who can lead tomorrow.

We provide you Colours books and offer a quality curriculum with complete support to help you implement the program successfully. This comes with a quality training to your Teachers and offering a continuous support throughout the academic year with quality check, management report and periodical visits from our team.

We look forward to meeting you and are happy to help you further. For queries and clarification, please write to or connect with us at 9901938792