About US

About Us

People First Leadership Academy (PFLA) has been founded with a mission to EMPOWER PEOPLE during 2010. We are a team of professionals who are passionate in helping People achieve excellence in Life and Academics.

We partner with Educational Institutions and offer variety of Educational and HR Services to help Institutions grow and offer quality Education.

We work very closely with Teaching community and offer Certification programs “ITTC”

Our main focus is on SKILL Development and we closely work with Teaching Community and Student community at Schools, Faculty members at College & Business Schools.


We partner with Educational Institutions and offer them variety of Educational and HR Services:

  • Certification Programs to Teachers – Integrated Teachers Training Certificate (ITTC)
  • ITTC Advanced and ITTC Professional (Leadership Program)
  • Workshops and Orientation Programs for Teachers
  • Pre-School support Services – Curriculum and Language Development Programs
  • Setting up of Activity based Labs for Pre-Schools
  • Teachers Training and Teacher Recruitment
  • Leadership Programs for School and College Students
  • Personal Excellence Programs for students
  • Pre-placement workshop for graduates / Post-Graduates
  • Faculty Development Programs
  • HR Services
  • Branding
  • Education Management
  • Academic Support to Schools

We have coached and trained over 35000 people that include School Teachers, School and College Students and Corporate Employees and parents.